to have?? been killed, but none of the reports has been confir??med. In 2017, Russia claimed to have killed him in ai??rstrikes during a meeting of IS leaders outside RaJ

qqa??, Syria, in late May that year. BEIJING, Feb. 13 -- Approved by Chairman of the Central Military Commission ??Xi Jinping, 2,600 additional medical personnel from thY

e armed forces will b??e tasked with treating patients in two hospitals in Wuhan, capital city of ??Hubei Province and the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak. 7

Member??s of a military medical team pose for a photo in Wuhan, central China's Hub??ei Province, Jan, 30, 2020. (Photo by Chen Chen/Xinhua) They will follow th??e operation model of Huoshenshan Hospital and be taskL

ed with treating confi??rmed patients of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in Taikang Tongji H??ospital and a branch of Hubei's Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital. T??he two hospitals, with a planned capacity of 860 and 700 beds respectively,?? have clinical wards, as well as departments for infection control, examina??tion, special diagnosis, radiation diagnosis, medical equipment, sterile su??pply, information and medica3